Motor Sport

Where to start? Honestly it is not an easy task for us either as when we talk about Motor Sport, Italy certainly is second to none, literally. That distinctive loud noise of an engine revving up, the sharp turns and long straights that evokes heart stopping overtaking and memorable drivers’ rivalry, all of this would be unthinkable without the Drive, Love, Passion and Engineering that people like Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Count Giovanni Augusta, Benelli’s Brothers founders of Benelli Motorcycle Factory “the oldest European Motorcycle Factory” or Giacarlo Morbidelli have profuse to follow and achieve their dream.

It is for the same reason that our Motor Sport Holidays are unique and always created with the intent to give you a truly fantastic experience and not just on race day but each day of your stay. Our packages include traveling to and from 3*/4* hotel in Italy, visits to historic factories & museums, driving experiences with Ferraris, Lamborghinis or a vintage Benelli along the roads in the countryside, medieval towns and hills surrounding Pesaro, Valentino Rossi’s Hometown of Tavullia with lunch in the famous Fan’s Restaurant “Da Rossi” where thousands of people and motorbike fanatics gather every year.

Being in Italy we couldn’t let you miss out on a good dose of great food, wine and beer for you to taste, enjoy and discover that in the end, in the most renown Italian tradition, it will all end up sitting around a table, laughing and discussing about the race with a plate of good food and a glass of nice local wine in your hands.

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