Family & Seasonal

You can enjoy holidays whether as a Family or on your own all year around in Italy. From that “Dreaming of a White Christmas” on one of Italy’s most famous ski resorts right down to unspoilt white sandy beaches of the beautiful South waiting for you and your family to soak up the summer heat. For me Spring and Autumn are the best seasons if you want to discover Italy’s true colours and genuine flavours of its diverse cultural heritage.

Starting at Easter where religious celebrations could not be more different from one region to another, from the sombre and almost dark side of Puglia to the jampacked St Peter’s Square where thousands of people gather to celebrate the Pope’s mass and traditional Easter Blessing. Nature comes back to life and there is no better way for you and your children to enjoy it other than one of the endless walks in the beautiful National Parks to look out for Bears and Wolves or to spot that rare birds that every year migrate to breed on our Nature Reserves. Stop for lunch in that little trattoria where Mama’s still in the kitchen preparing that incredibly delicious yet simple traditional dish.

Autumn by contrast and compared to the buzzing and hot Summer, our Family Holiday Season, seems to be so sleepy and slow paced, but don’t be fooled by this, as deep inside Italian culture this is in fact, the season where expectations , after a year of hard work in the fields come to fruition: The Harvest Season.

Wine and Olive Oil producers brace themselves and pray for the weather not to spoil the grape or olive harvest; woodlands become frantic secret arenas where local experts have long waited for this moment in time to unearth some of the most delicate and sought-after cooking ingredients like Porcini Mushroom and the “Truffle”. At the same time farmers will look at their secret cellars and caves or even pits, where for months their cheeses have been ageing covered in straw, vine leaves, grain and now the moment has come to finally celebrate their opening and proudly showcase their produce in popular village fairs like they have been doing for many centuries.

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