We arrived in Manarola one of the 5 Villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare) forming this beautifully stunning area (Unesco World Heritage Site, National Park and Marine Conservation Area) on Monday and met with Catherina Unger who knows this area perfectly as well as some of the best wine producers in Le 5 Terre. We went to meet Luciano Cappellini small producer of "Le 5 Terre" DOC white wine, visited the very small cellar, so small that the stainless steel vats have to be made to measure. We tasted Luciano's 5 Terre with a total production of 3,800 bottles and the traditional sweet wine called Sciacchetra' nectar for your palate. We then followed Catherina along one of the footpath that runs along the sometime scary rugged coastline and in complete astonishment looked at Luciano's vineyards and understand all the reasons why such a small production, how difficult if not almost impossible to grow anything in this area and felt deep admiration for the people living here who embraced their surroundings in perfect and total harmony without feeling defeated. Later we drove back to Manarola and got the first glimps of this wonderful area with its villages formed by a miriad of houses shaped like towers raising 4 or 5 storeys with an intricate system of narrow streets, passages and thousands of steps, luckily we didn't have alot to drink, yet. Up to our apartment with a stunning view all over Manarola and the bay; wright in front of us on the opposite side of the mountain that surrounds Manarola hundreds human and animal shapes illuminate giving life to the world biggest illuminated Christmas Nativity created by a famous local artist every year, just beautiful. in the morning with Catherina got on the train for a short journay(10 mintes) to Monterosso al Mare where we met local wine producer Rosy, husband Sebastiano and little Lorenzo and here the sheer realisation of how much hard work and effort these people put into extracting the most out of this sometime unforgiving land left us completely speechless. Their total production was 2,364 bottles for the "5 Terre" Vetua DOC www.vetua.it and we tasted one of the few bottles that Rosy keeps for future reference and all the scents of sea, fresh herbs, flowers combined altogether in a wonderful bouquet leaving such a delicate sensation on the palate. Unfortunately we will have to wait until next june/july to have the pleasure of tasting some more of the Vetua. We then arrived down to the old part of Monterosso al Mare where Catherina explained and showed us the tragedy of 25th October 2011 when after torrential rain and huge flash flood nearly completely destroyed this village. The painstaking reconstruction process is still clearly under way and almost everywhere there are the signs of where the level of mud, water and debris reached. We sat at Bar Centrale for a Bruschetta alla Ligure and a small Antipasto with a nice bottle of wine enjoying the sunshine. After we wonder up and down Monterosso along the promenade. Back on the train to Vernazza where we stopped for a quick stroll down the little harbour and catch the last ray of sunshine sitting on a rock. In the evening back in Manarola we had a fantastic fish dinner together with Catherina at "Aristide" Reastaurant highly reccommended. In the morning of our last day we went to meet Walter de Batte www.primaterra.it Catherina told us about Walter and his way of producing his unique wines and when we sat in his very small cellars and tasted some of the wines i could distinctively taaste all the flavours that characterise this land absolutely wonderful. This photo album hopefully will give you an idea of Le 5 Terre but we think that the best way of paying tribute to such a wonderful land is actually to go back and spend sometime to fully appreciate its beauty. So what about next July?