It is true that through the food & wine traditions you can learn a lot about the people and the land where they live. In Emilia-Romagna nothing is more true than this as the relationship between man and nature is one of the strongest you will ever discover in Italy. It is here that we came twice during this particular time, where the excitement is balanced by the expectation of all the hard work that has gone during the year. We came to Collina dei Poeti Winery and Farmhouse overlooking the Castle & Fortress of Santarcangelo di Romagna, a beautiful medieval hamlet 10 miles from the Adriatic Coast and near the Republic of San Marino. Here the excitement became apparent when guided by Stefano and Marco we started the grape harvest and it was like harvesting gold in the shape and form of a cluster of velvety, succulent, sweet and dark blue grapes that carefully cut and put into the crates gave us the true idea of what it was and is like waiting until this moment. The whole experience culminated in a apotheosis when we press the grapes with our feet exactly as it was done once upon a time followed by the traditional lunch consisting of all home made produce from the bread & focaccia, cheese, prosciutto & salame and of course a good glass of our beloved Sangiovese . In the evening once the work in the cellar was finished, the celebrations culminated in a fantastic BBQ with music and dancing, laughters, singing, enjoyment and listening to the people telling the stories that their fathers and grandfather and generations before them have passed on giving us such a sense of privilege and honour to be there and been able to share all this with them. A celebration of life.