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Le 5 Terre - Liguria - January 201327-Oct-2015

We arrived in Manarola one of the 5 Villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare) forming this beautifully stunning area (Unesco World Heritage Site, National Park and Marine Conservation Area) on Monday and met with Catherina Unger who knows this area perfectly as well as some of the best wine producers in Le 5 Terre.

Christmas Tour Abruzzo 201327-Oct-2015

Last year i came with Molly so she could understand why I wanted so much to organise a tour around here, one of my favourite Regions of Italy, Abruzzo.
A Region very close to my heart for so many different reasons as my Father was born here and part of his family still live in Abruzzo, fond memories of holidays and week ends where I came accustomed to the wonderful culinary tradition of this Region.

Lake Garda Tour 201327-Oct-2015

Well i keep saying to everyone that comes in our Bistro' that wherever you go in Italy there is a treasure waiting to be discovered.........

The 4 Seasons in Italy06-Aug-2015

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn you will always find something exciting going on.....and on......and on